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  1. You either have no idea what you’re talking about or are willingly misleading ppl. The dogs are under general anesthesia for the procedure. It’s not like the owners just cut off the ears with kitchen scissors lol. Spaying and neutering is far more invasive and can cause long lasting complications for a dog yet you have nothing to say about that.

  2. Interesting video! I would like to mention that sometimes ear cropping is done for more than just cosmetic looks. For certain breeds that are breed to be guard dogs or other types of working dogs, such as dobermans, ear cropping and tail docking is done so that potential attackers have less to grab onto to stop the dog or otherwise hurt it. This is certainly not the case for most ear croppings but it is a valid reason to have the procedure done.

  3. Had this argument today they claimed there where health benefits I called bullshit they they started talking about abortion and ear piercing babies and I just said all those wrong don't make this right and you can't go pointing fingers just to justify your own opinion and your own bias

  4. I fostered a Cane Corso who's ears were already cropped by a previous owner and for the few weeks that I had him, I caught flack from people EVERY time we went out and about the town. I had to explain to everyone that I DON'T support cropping and that I would never do that to a beautiful dog's ears!

  5. I own a Great Dane and thankfully this has been illegal here in Australia for years. Not only is it cruel but, to add insult to injury, it makes most Great Danes look ridiculous in my opinion.

  6. If it is done properly there is no problem with tail docking and ear cropping. If you say altering a dog's ear shape is cruel then, why make them alter them from their erect ears? All wolves, foxes, coyotes, and pretty much all of the wild canine species have erect ears. Floppy ears were part of human intervention. Also, all working dogs need cropped ears as if they don't it can cause severe damage. A lot of times permanent. If the dog is living a family lifestyle, it is the owner's choice. If they feel their dogs are better off with cropped ears, then that is their decision, not for you to bother with. The same thing applies to tail docking. All working dogs that have weak tails, for example, Dobermann need docked tails because if the tail hits somewhere, the tail can easily break. That doesn't only apply to a working Doberman, family companion ones too. They are best if they have their tails docked because it is EXTREMELY fragile and if it hits somewhere, the tail will easily break. Other dog breeds, is the owner's choice. The AKC supports it for a reason. They know it's not cruel. If you think they are uneducated about canine health, your wrong, first of all, they specialize in dogs. They legit know more about canine health than most vets. Also, they wouldn't just make such articles uneducated. They definitely have a team of educated vets on their side.

  7. A lot of these people nitpick about the dogs ears demand that my dogs balls be chopped off….90% of parents elect to have their babies circumcised for cosmetic reasons. I don’t see why this considered a serious issue…

  8. What about dew claw removal, spay, neuter, debarking, de clawing what about those you bring up one thing. Cropping a tails docking is a breed standard to certain breeds and what about breeding dachshunds, bulldogs, exotic bullies that’s animal cruelty these dogs can’t do anything but you want to say docking and cropping is animal cruelty.

  9. I'm totally against it. It didn't affect the dogs health back then it didn't affect the dogs talent a healthy dog is a healthy dog I'm sorry to say we don't know the answers to how it affects the dogs people go off of what they see it is not for us to know the answer that is how God made us

  10. I own a lovely little chocolate pitbull and I would never dream of mutilating her ears or tail, I love the way she looks up at me and her ears up she reminds me of the cute little gremlin gizmo.

  11. Ok I'm finna debunk you. The would you do this to you're self argument isn't valid. Would you stick a knife in yo leg like u do a steak or carrot? No so not valid also its is actually good keeps ear infection down lets them hear way bettr

  12. This is honestly disappointing. Ear cropping isn't cruel. The dogs are under anesthesia and pain med's afterwards. Ya'll clearly don't own working dogs. Many dogs get ear infections if their ears aren't cropped and a working dog can get their ears grabbed and hurt if they aren't cropped. Either way, it's THEIR dog and THEIR money, therefore it is their choice.

  13. That dog most likely had his ears cropped longgg ago, not just a bit ago. They are cropped as puppies. Ear cropping has health benefits such as wayyy lower risk of ear infections. And also, EVERY. SINGLE. Dog related species has upright ears. They looked “cropped”. So this IS technically a natural thing. They can hear better and will not have to have their ears cleaned almost EVER, because there is proper airflow. If you want to hear more things about this, I suggest watching this video: “The ethical side of ear cropping” by Senza Tempo Cane Corso. Get more educated on this topic before speaking on it🙃

  14. Humans also still crop cocks. Where's your video to ban that? You make it illegal you just drive it underground which in turn will cause more infections and proudly deaths. All do to your personal preference. AKC is where it is for a reason, you're ranting on YouTube… I'll stick with the experienced professionals

  15. You actually aren't correct. Floppy ears are a product of domestication. Dogs with cropped ears communicate better with other dogs, have less ear infections, don't have a problem with ear splitting, and do hear better simply because of the shape of the ear. Literally factual information. Dogs with cropped ears also don't suffer whatsoever. Any responsible vet would use anesthesia and pain medication. Dogs with cropped ears have zero harm done to them. They do just as well or better in most categories.

  16. I see what you mean my guy but likeeeee cmon now . Discourage them from getting a dog with ears cropped or tailed docked ? That’s fucked up , I know ppl that don’t crop ears or anything but specifically adopt dogs with ears like that due to the fact that no one will adopt them. Dogs don’t know what they look like. They just see you walk passed them n choose another dog that will 100% still get chosen without you . I’m prettttty sure that the dogs at the time of surgery are under the influence of medicine just like they are when people go cut their balls off . Or go inside her insides and spay them , you see what I mean ? They heal up afterwards the doctors give them some antibiotics etc etc . It’s no different with ear cropping , yea if you go to some illegal little business that does them a home , fuck that , I wouldn’t do that , no one would , just like you wouldn’t neuter your dog at some dudes house . A lot of times neutering can be pointless too , if organizations do it to stray dogs n cats that’s a great cause to help not being a lot of homeless puppies in the streets. Or some dogs might need it for specific health reasons But if you got a young ass puppy that lives with a family n will never go out and fuck to begin with then why take that away from a dog who would want to be a mother etc etc . So to me it’s all the same you can’t hate one without hating the other. We adopted a 6 month old pit that looks beautiful very handsome n tall, such a good boy n would’ve loved to breed him with one of our own pet pit (not to sell) but to have a nice little family. But unfortunately we can never do that bc when we got home at 6 months he was already operated when he was just a puppy. I love him and can’t imagine saying “I’m not going to adopt him bc he’s neutered I want a dog that isn’t” no that’s fucked up it’s not his fault I still love him. But that’s what some of y’all are saying with dogs with cropped ears I never discriminate or hate 🤷🏽‍♂️ if someone neuters all their dogs it’s ok I DONT CARE it doesn’t affect me none of my business. What matters is that they are being loved more than anything n that they are happy. N some people don’t realize that there could be a dog with its ears cropped that is loved JUST as much as your dog. And is very happy JUST as much as yours. It’s fucked up

  17. I'm a new dog mom to an American bully pup, I chose not to crop. I see it as extremely cruel and unnecessary. There's no real proof to back up peoples claims that it prevents ear infection, or any of the other bogus claims. Don't crop let em flop.

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