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  1. I always say that 😂 “I want to go up just one more size” or “this is my goal” and then I always end up stretching further. Glad to know I’m not the only one confused as to why it is this happens.

  2. I have the same problem. I was aiming to go to 2g and stop, but then I saw a 00g plug in person next to a 2g plug and it didn’t seem that big when I held the 00g up to my ear and I want to go bigger now even though I originally thought a 2g was PLENTY big enough for my ears

  3. Just one turns into oh just another one I've been at 00g for a year now and after I went to 00g I was like oh I want then bigger because they weren't at the edge of my ear but I didn't and after a couple months you don't even care anymore

  4. So accurate I'm up to 1 3/8 and they look tiny to me but when I see the size on others it looks massive.

    Lookup body dimorphic disorder or something along those lines. This same phenomenon happens to bodybuilders and anorexic people among others.

  5. everyone who has stretched ears feels this way I think…00 is almost everyone's "goal size" but at least with me, when I got there I was like ummmm I got to go bigger!!!!

  6. I was at 7/16th (about 11mm) and my friend is too and she had 1/2" (about 12-13mm) and I had 7/16 for almost a year now and it's such and awkward size I decided to stretch again and I keep watching all these plug collection videos and it's tempting me to go bigger!! Especially since my best friend is at 1 1/2"

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