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  1. i get some weird question about my punk vest and ofc the ears, mostly they just want you to take out your tunnel or plug and then they just being gross about it "ewww why does it look like that"

  2. I went to a new private school and like every Wednesday is free dress day i went to school with my snakebites and my septum piercing's in and i got kicked out for not looking proper (when literally the other girls had barley any clothes on XD)

  3. a lot of people give me attitude and looks because I have stretched ears. I'm 14. also, I had my whole head dyed blue and this kid in school asked me if it was natural. I said yes.

  4. I had my eyebrow pierced, before it migrated and I had to take it out. but I have my head shaved on both sides, stretched ears, and when I had my eyebrow pierced as well I'd get the weirdest of looks, no one ever came up to me but people never really approached me in general. after I had to take out my eyebrow piercing, it was like no one cared anymore, people didn't purposely avoid me and no one gave me as intense or many weird looks as they did before. people are way too judgemental, I'm a nice person, just because there's something different that I chose to do with my body doesn't automatically mean I'm a bad person. smh.

  5. im a girl but i sorta look like a guy but a girl came jp to me and asked if i was allowed to be in here ( i was in the girls locker room) and i just said well i am a girl and she ran of the locker room

  6. I'm a girl and I have stretched ears and whenever anyone sees them they judge me straight away. There's just no point of people being so judgmental, its not like I'm not a person if I have stretched my ears :')

  7. That really bothers me how if a teenager said they don't like something about an adult they would be called rude. But for some reason adults can criticize a teen's looks, their friends, and what they want to do with their lives. People need to see that adults can be just as rude.

  8. I know this is like three years old, but I had a similar experience. I was helping out my parents in a shop they own when some old man comes in and starts staring at my face, giving me odd looks. He then proceeds to make a comment: "having your ears like that is fine, but why do you have that bull ring? You look fucking disgusting!" At that point, my mom shoved me to the back of the shop, preventing me from possibly killing him.

  9. So I was walking outside in public with about 5 friends, and we were all wearing skinny jeans and band tee shirts. So a group of people yelled "EMO!" Across the street. Ironically, all of them were annoying blonde girls. So we all yelled back across the street "PETTY BITCHES!" And they looked really offended it was great

  10. ive had numerous after school detentions and now might get suspended because apparently me wearing vans and makeup is inappropriate and disrupting other pupils and my own education, at least i'm fucking in school getting an education!! It's wrong that I should have to go to school and be told that the way i look is wrong! they tell you to be unique and express yourself yet they tell me that the way i look is wrong. they wonder why people are so insecure yet they're the ones telling people the way they look is wrong. it really pisses me off, and surely if they suspend me that's just disrupting my education even further?! my school isn't even posh and doesn't have a posh uniform so i honestly don't see the problem. there are so many people being bullied yet they do nothing about that, instead they waste their time trying to change the way i look! if i said that I didn't like the way a teacher looked they would get so angry and I'd probably get suspended for that so why should it be any different?! rant over:')

  11. A lot of people say to me "oh my god doesn't that hurt so bad why would you do that" so I take my plugs out hand them to them and say it doesn't hurt when I do it but youre welcome to try

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