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  1. Started watching you guys like 6 years ago, but stopped when all i was seeing was Terpy Tuesday. Stumbled across the podcasts this morning and I'm Loving them. Keep doing what your doing, much love from San Diego! Great podcasts, Great videos, Great content, Keep it up!

  2. Something I jotted down when I was ripped tits thinking about time itself..

    It's pretty shitty to sit here and think about time.. we only have so little of it but it seems so much.

    "Time's here and then it's gone. They go so fast, the years.. yet we experience them so slow. All for us to think we have had so much time but no time at all and that they went by so fast again. Makes me think of time as irrelevant when you really consider it as a whole.. because it is, in a sense a illusion. Something not real.. and thats shitty."

  3. Had to comment and let you guys know you are doing a fantastic job at discussing things that truly need to be talked about, but are not publicized often enough. You even analyze some facts along the way and keep it entertaining, I love this new podcast format man. Keep it up guys!

  4. Great podcast! Have you guys thought of putting up your podcasts on Soundcloud? I would love to listen to these on my commutes but don't want to waste too much data watching the video. Thanks

  5. Awesome to drink some brewskis with ya guys, and smoke some smoke.. Hear your thoughts and kick around some ideas that are not often discussed! Lookin forward to Episode 2`

  6. Fucking lovin it bros. So glad youre finally BACK, foreal. No pump fakes out here. Fuck the haters. Im the same age as u guys, on the other coast.. I sent some old school beans out to bob back in the day..what the fuck im gtn at is Im a long time fan and supporter of u guys. Cant even express how fucking stoked I am to have ya guys back. Check me out out ig when u get a min. Shoot me a msg, looking forward to more content. @Charity_seedz

  7. Fuck yeah this is the shit been watching since day hope to see a bunch of more dope content, could listen to this at work, my highdea on this backwood, coffee and why the fuck are there so many Starbucks, I visited my sis in sac and would have thought I was in Hollywood or something, there’s one on every block lol

  8. Firstly, glad to see two of my fav OGs make a comeback. Secondly, the execution of this podcast was incredible. Right off the bat just sheer quality on every front. Thirdly, I sense some Joe Rogan Experience influence or inspiration. Not saying identical just similar format, is that just coincidence? Or am I just high as fuck. Long time JRE listener and I love this because it has tastes from that but a completely different flavor. Authentic for sure, stay black gents and keep killin it. Cheers from Atlanta

  9. Congrats Shane and Dan, you guys are killing it!! This is the perfect way to actualize the CCC and usher it into the future. I NEED TO KNOW, what kind of microphones are you using? Thanks in advance, a fan since 2011.

  10. show the flowers or concentrates close ups as clips that ur gunna be seshin on in the videos? 🙂 that would be a dope little touch. see that sauce ur dabbin and those flowers in those joints you feel me? 🙂

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