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  1. Another reason not to have commercial pet food in your home or in your pet. Kids play with dog food and some people eat it. We got tired of of sick and dying dogs and wondering about our own health in handling all that food and having dry dog food open in our home, plus they don't even have to label what is considered an industry standard in both human and pet food, ew. Here are some helpful links https://www.google.com/webhp?sourceid=chrome-instant&rlz=1C1CHBD_enUS707US707&ion=1&espv=2&ie=UTF-8#safe=active&q=x+chemical+in+dog+foods
    . There are even other chemicals that are hazardous. So human grade food cooked or raw is the key. Now we have happy pets with great health we can deal with and our home is safer. Thanks for doing this! Godspeed..

  2. 0:49 "fresh cans of food?". Cans are not fresh! Fresh food comes from the HEALTH FOOD store in the produce section, meat dept & bulk bins! Feed your pet real FRESH ORGANIC foods. DON'T buy new houses, cars, or college educations! Get your priorities straight people! My Golden's going to live to be 25!

  3. ive been cooking smart chcken, brown rice, sweet potato and organic green beans for my little guy the past 3 months…he stopped eating food, starting losing weight, he is 13 years old so i was really nervous.. so i started home cooking.. now he is back to good health…

  4. Here's another one to avoid: Nutro Natural Choice Dog Food. My dog died from kidney failure, and my vet found a compound in her food that was known to cause kidney damage, which WAS NOT LISTED, on the package. She also determined that the food came from a supplier IN CHINA. My family was absolutely HORRIFIED that we had been unknowingly been giving her this poison for over a year. The FDA seriously needs to prevent pet food companies from outsourcing their products. I know the FDA checks the ingredients list against their standards, but they can't possibly know EXACTLY what is going into the food unless they walk through the plants regularly, and they can't do that if the plants are overseas.

  5. Thank you Dr. Andrew for bringing this issue to our attention.I have been making my dog's food for fifteen years and I'm happy doing that for them. My naturopathic vet helped me balance the diet with supplements and they are doing great!

  6. Worse than that….Veterinarians recommend and prescribe PET FOOD on a daily basis. They are the only Health-Care-Professionals on the planet who recommend PROCESSED FOOD in order to push the Pet Food Manufacturers' CAMPAIGN… in exchange for kick-backs and funding for their establishment and university departments and buildings. If your vet sells ANY form of pet food….then run a mile! Protect Your Pets Against the Vets.

  7. Dr. Jones, this might be something you might need to look into it, invest. ( dog food) of all Vet. i would purchase your pet food. you would be the man for this plan.
    you are like us. ( your viewers) we love and cherish our babies. whether its wet, dry, moist. of all vets you would know what nurti,
    vitims. they so need.

  8. Started following 'Susan's "…about pet food" blog after those batches of melamine laced dog food from China 2007 I think, had to watch my sweet little JR terrier kidneys blow out from that stuff still miss that crazy little guy. Can't trust FDA the pet food lobby is powerful. Don't trust vets who sell pet food in clinics, also in pockets of pet food industry. Leave it to say I'm bitter

  9. I want to make my own food, BUT WANT TO MAKE SURE IT IS nutritionally safe.. CAN SOMEONE WHO MAKES FOOD HELP ME?
    Doctor.. CAN YOU STEP IN ?

    What Nutrition Guidelines Should You Follow?
    40% Protein – animal meat, seafood, eggs or dairy.
    10% Carbohydrates – grains and beans.
    50% Vegetables.
    Fat – from oil or meat.
    Calcium – crushed or powdered egg shells; a supplement.
    Fatty acids – cooked egg yolks, oatmeal, plant oils and other foods.

  10. Just horrific! Thanks for always having our backs, Dr. Jones. I hope my Wolfie that passed on 9/1/16 was not used like this. Makes me sick!!!!

  11. We feed one of our animals Riplees Ranch dog food http://ripleesranch.com/. Just wondering if these "small batch" producers are more or less likely to be scrutinized by inspectors and whether than would mean they're more or less prone to abuses.

    I don't believe the FDA, an American agency, regulates Canadian consumer products. Perhaps the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA)?

  12. I am always confused on the dog food.  I make my dogs food most of the time.  I only give dry food.  I am still concern with the dry food.  Thanks for the info I love your videos.  It helps me a lot with my dogs

  13. That's I always say do not feed your pets with can or dry food. These chemicals are KILLING our animals. Those chemicals are similar to GMO's in our food. I feed my dog with Papaya in the morning, chicken, rice and carrots and I put a teaspoon of olive oil. For treats I use little pieces of Sweet Potato (Batata or Boniato) in Spanish. My dog is never sick and she is doing great. Her hair is beautiful, no skin rashes, no problems with her stomach and she is always happy. Thanks for the video like always Dr!

  14. Animals that are tagged, such as bears, are not "supposed" to be consumed because they have been shot with drugs to be able to tag them. If animals are used in dog food that have died of unknown cause, then it would be possible that they were poisoned, making the dog food toxic. Beef cattle have ear tags that secrete insecticides into the body to keep flies and maggots off of them. Knowing that dog food companies use the whole carcass (eartags included, as well as trash and debris in the processing) is it really unexpected to see dog foods that kill our dogs?

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