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  1. i got the hiccups once during a exam. it was all quiet and all of a sudden it just started and i could feel the people in my class getting annoyed. oh god it was horrible..

  2. Awkward exam moment: I stopd up, walked over to the bin, tore my exam sheet into pieces, threw it into the bin and left the classroom…i'm never going to forget that exam .-.

  3. okaay i didnt understand the q so i was doing a wtf face&gesture so my bestmate behind me is like dija.. wth?? and i just like redo the gesture and say box (the question was about boxes) and like half the room stare at me >.< oops

  4. I had an early entry so it was about 15 girls and 12 boys in my year with about half of year 11s (mostly boys ) and all the year 11s got seated first because I'm near the end if the register and they do it backwards for this one I had to walk to the back of the gym on my own past the year 11s with another boy following me and they put a material down on the floor and I stack it and fall on my face and pull the material and knock all the desks around me (about 10 ) over … Everyone laughed ….

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