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  1. My boi!🔥👊🏿 Got a question can you Please get some high THC d9 hemp flower and tell us what it's like and how it compares to regular d9 marijuana?

  2. Meech it’s good to see new vids from you my guy, you really shouldn’t be so self critical about your content because as a supporter I genuinely rock with you if you were to smoke and talk about stoner shit all day I’d watch and enjoy the vids so keep pushing out content because honestly you vlog well, also the plants are looking so damn good bro you’re doing so well with this set of plants “meechzana” (what I’m calling your home grown batch) is going to smoke forsure, also give us a update on your sons i see debo but do you still have jojo ? This comment long as hell let me hop out that chat until next time my guy ✌🏾

  3. The first blunt I’d blaze would be the shake on the bottom that’s ware all the crystals fall along with all the hairs shit to do do real special ya gotta pluck out all the hairs and roll jus them ya need a lot of weed

  4. Hey meech plz answer this question for me in curious how much was that bag of white runtz ? I’m thinking 300-500$ imma come to az in a few months maybe this summer I’m in Alabama

  5. What’s good fam. Peace and blessings your way..I been watching your videos since last yr and was trying to see if you could do a video with my artist music playing..Messiah T.G. on all platforms..

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