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  1. Dr. Jones, awesome person, I searched Youtube and your site for answers on how to treat a freshly scratched eye of a cat and couldn't find anything. It's not infected nor does my love seem to be squinting or hurt by it, but he clearly got tagged and is slightly bleeding from the inner corner crease and mama's wondering if she should let it be or preventatively treat it and with what. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  2. Hey doc my dog recently got treated for his diabetes and I've been giving him his insulin shot for the past month, now he formed cataracts due to the medicine what can I do so he can see again or at least not go blind. I've been doing the honey treatment this week should I continue as long as he get better?

  3. Hi Doc,
    I wanted to know one thing, I have aloevera plant at my home. Can I use it directly on eyes from plant or do I need to buy a proper aloe vera gel from market.? Please reply me ASAP.
    My Pug is really suffering from this, we have consulted doctor and used prescribed medication, but its of no use. So thought of trying home remedies. Kindly reply me. Thanks in advance.

  4. Hi doc.. I know you keep saying 5 to 7 days is plenty for the honey treatment for dogs eyes, but my 12 yr old simba dog has DRY eye and it's for Life as per what ive read n was told from the vet ..its been more than a yr now yet witn applying this nasty fish oli..i just can't afford those $45 drops that I used to get from the vet every month so I'm trying to do it this way starting tonight with the raw honey.. I been giving him cod liver oil which has been kind of lubricating but I didn't know how many times a day I'm supposed to apply each eye.. It smells really bad and it leaks out of his eye onto his fur which makes it oily n yellow.. My Malteses is white like cotton so imagine😔 …yukk! so I just wanted to know this 5 to 7 Day treatment I don't understand if it's for life with his dry eyes please help me on this please

  5. Actually my shih tzu aged 11 months got little bit of red ness in her eyes and she is getting green colour of discharge coming from her eyes so can i know the reason or treatment for that sir
    Please replay me and do the needful
    Thank you

  6. Hi,

    I don’t know if you will respond but I’m not sure what to do—

    My dog seems to possibly have an eye infection (the bottom lid of one eye is swollen and the tops of both are very raw, slightly bloody and irritated from her scratching) and I can’t get her to a vet until tomorrow morning because it’s Sunday (an emergency visit would be costly and she’s acting normal minus the itchiness). Is there anything I can do to help soothe the symptoms in the meantime? Do you have any advice? Perhaps I could try a tiny bit of benadryl and a warm compress or would that just irritate the problem further? I don’t want to make it worse.

    Thank you!!

    I wanted to add that she’s been treated for allergies in the past although that might not be of any relevance.

  7. Can conjunctivitis cause blindness? 2 months ago my vet prescribed Ofloxacin for what he said was allergies because she had red eyes(looks slightly bloodshot). Hasn't gotten any better and is now starting to lose her sight. Most days there's a greyish goo in the corner of her eyes. A stain test was done and according to him, no scratches on the cornea. Also said he did the flashlight in the eyes and pupils dilated normally. Randomly I see white hairs and what looks like lint floating on both eyes, but he didn't see it. Could that be irritating the eyes? She has an eye exam in a few days, but am worried it might be too late.

  8. Hello sir your video is really helpful for me but I want to ask you something my kitten have eyes swelling as well as she have an cold n she always sneezes what should I do ??

  9. Thank you so much for this video. The raw honey mixed with water improved my cat’s eye with one use. If you have a cat or dog with an eye infection, listen to this awesome vet!

  10. My chahuhua has been dry heaving 2 days now not feeling well but eating good, he is drinking plenty of water. now I just noticed his left eye is puffy and watery he can barely open it. He also wheezing a bit. My hubby's been a groomer over 20 yrs, he thinks it could be a respitory infection or cold any thoughts?

  11. Hello doctor I have a dog with seizures a friend told me to use CBD oil or cannabis oil. You think this can help. My dog has 3 years old is a German sheaper looks like he has 2 seizures the same day 30 days ago and 2 more seizures last night. Please let me know what your think about that oil. Thanks a lot and we really thankful for all your information.

  12. I need something Fast. My Dog Lady similar to Dig I Fed. Video has Alot of thick Puss and I need to get it out. She can't even open her eyes. Been this way a week. Vet. Costs In just don't have it now. I've got to do something.

  13. The green tea helped so much thank you.. I saw results in one day but I wanted to know if I don't have refrigeration will the green tea be safe when stored and for how long will be able to be stored diluted at room temperature

  14. My cat has this eye conjinctuvitis..i want to get him some eye bright , but he also has a cold ..
    It says eyebright can have side effect of cough would this b ok with a cat with conjunctivitis that has a cold? ..
    I'm doing the steam u suggested, it works beautifully for sneezing
    . THANKU

  15. I was using the antibacterial ointment the vet gave me for conjunctivitis, but every time I stopped after the recommended days on it the discharge came back–twice. Didn't have anything to lose so tried the honey .. It worked like a charm. Cured and didn't come back. Thank you!

  16. thankyou. our 13 year old lab showed signs of droopy eye today. I think it might be an eye infection. gonna try the honey diluted or polysporin eye drops first. she doesnt seem to be hurting at all.

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