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  1. Got some falcon 9… and the parent strain Tina this summer… I like the Tina better.. Tina is that creamy smooth sweet terp profile super loud.. for me the falcon 9 cross brought in some black better terps… dude you gotta try the black milk.. 2 growers got it.. craaaaaaaazy terps nose to smoke and a nice burn 🔥😤👌

  2. yo I'm blowing down some gorilla glue for right now Canadian cannabis is a goat in the game nobody can touch Canadian cannabis yo this is epic banger on every time let's get it get it get it BIG HIGH FOR LIFE WITH CANADIAN CANNABIS

  3. its the buzz that is important terps is pleasant but the buzz is the more important thing,did you ever try purple space cookies ?this strain is taste really good one of the more tasting strain that have smoked,but give zero buzz,even at 29% thc.so terps is fun but not necessary.in your review to becomes it will be great if you can tell if the strain you review is a sativa ,indica or hybrid ,will be fun to know and his %of thc ,if its possible.thanks for the review.continue to try new strain.and if you can try this strain or allready try ,the vizion try it or give me your feedback if you ever try it .thanks pretty interesting

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