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  1. Preach Drew that probably isn't a Gelato but I don't doubt it has some Gelato esque flavors and notes. Happy you're really getting some really fire prescriptions for your needs that really help you!

  2. Today I have been finally prescribed medicinal cannabis after 15 years of chronic back pain (scheuermann's disease) I have been on high doses of tramadol.
    I've been prescribed sorbet too and cario as well as an oil too.
    Thank you so much for everything medbudwiki has opened my eyes to everything I have joined jorja direct.
    Have you ever tested vaped weed after it's been vaped to show before and after thc levels bro ??

  3. farm gas has a little db in it from the black market in Canada. We got a strain called gas mask and a special cut of mku that hits 32% and 1 nug reeks the entire house. Fire yet we get shit on bro, Pounds for $1200 for quads bro, fire and we get bent over.

  4. Enjoy💚👌Pedanios 27/1 is my new favourite🙏🙏🙏
    Thats for me a kind of cali quality with the cookie taste amazing🎉
    I tested it with 24%with the same tester (purplepro) but it doesnt matter. Terps are the important thing.
    Greetings from germany 👐💚🎉

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