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  1. thats pretty cool im use to seeing all the gangster stuff about compton on youtube
    this is pretty cool
    i think some foods r worth growin in back yard
    i know some plants have super nutrients we arent aware of or for other uses medically we i wana go to such countries or meet people hear who know bout health & medicines not so much pharmictuical drugs that do nothing

    in future i wana have my own planation of food & maybe artifical weed in future mainly for myself & some friends in future never for sell its medicine i believe great for the head & treatin mental health weed but findin right dealer with quality bud & also the right strains like sativas & indicas time of day & such can be hard

    foods r somethin in future i wana look at with plants & animals & insects tryin be more natural i guess in future & not need alot of there foods with meats & how much drugs put into meats & the process & oils & such i think best to b natural in future

    but good stuff teaching & preaching it

  2. Small-scale organic farming to supplement your diet with vegetables, fruits and nuts is a life skill. The best part is anyone can learn to do it with a few cement or clay pots and troughs with drain holes in it. It's not really about saving money but about eating healthy without toxic pesticides, preservatives and chemical additives in your diet. It also gives a great sense of food security to know you can grow your own food in times of scarcity or in remote off-grid places without grocery stores. Great way to help yourself, your family and community in times of need or a way to pass on traditional knowledge.

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