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  1. I started feeding my dog rice with 93 percent lean turkey or ground beef with carrots and broccoli. I add some olive oil , ground flax seed , bone meal and kelp powder. I also feed one egg a day. He is a 60 lb pitbull. I hope I'm not missing anything I love your channel

  2. I hope you've been getting my comments that I've been leaving you tomorrow my dog will be getting a ultrasound on his heart. I need your thoughts and opinion, this is the first day started this morning that he does not want to eat and he has no energy whatsoever he just sleeps if he has to use the bathroom he will get enough energy to do so and then go lay back down in his comfortable spot. If the doctor can give him a medicine is it worth to keep trying to help him do you think he will improve he is a 90 lb Pitbull, is it true that their hearts will never go back to the same size? Where the heart always be as big as they get with DCM? If the doctor thinks he will improve and yes I will try but I don't want to make him suffer.

  3. This happened to my 3 year old lab/husky mix. He has DCM with chf now. They think it was the food due to those ingredients. His stabilized now on a raw diet from raw bistro and medications. His prognosis still is 12-18months however due to the heart damage from DCM.

  4. Hi Doctor this is Sandhya from India. My beagle is 3 years old and he has been diagnosed with heart' disease his heart is enlarged. I feed him beans and carrots with rice is that safe ? Else, please suggest me what is the best food i can give him to improve and overcome the issue. Please advise

  5. So, my dog has been diagnosed with heart disease. Vet has no idea what is the cause. He is a 10-1/2 y.o. Rat Terrier and has been in excellent health until he started coughing. Now he is on three different medications for the rest of his life. Pet owners need answers. We feed him Taste of the Wild which was third on the list of brands according to owners who participated in the study. Like Wendy Simpson, below indicates, does the FDA really care about getting to the bottom of this issue?

  6. Dr MARTYS PET FOOD IS GRE A T READ INGREDIENTS HES oprahs vet has hrlped many fogs like you fo recover thtough fiet. My dog seems to be allergic to beef so I like Stelkas in krisners. Ut too exp to give every day I use as actual indiv trests its chesper than nutritious treats per pd and they love it.

  7. I give them broccoki, gr beans asparagus. Russel sprouts but lat we ly Buzz eill only eat red peppers. I hope gheyre okay for him. I dint know why he doesnt like broccoli or cucumber tomato like he used to. I feel like beans peas are never in stomache of prey for sure!! Veg in stimavhe but prob not red pepper gr leppees.

  8. Peas & legumes are not part of wolf natural diet so Id just think give veg like animal eould have in stomache & meat. Do Dr Martys Oprahs dog raw dog food or just real food meat & vegetables. Be safe dont give legumes and peas right.

  9. what dog food would you recommend for a 2 year old siberian husky hes on acana dog food but my vet saids hillscience and i dont like that brand .. he needs to gain weight 🙁 any advice

  10. Thank You ! Dr. Andrew . Love all you videos and wealth of information you provide for our furry babies . If you don’t already have a video on how to properly feed raw , and is it healthy and nutritious for all breeds ? I have a purebred Maltese , and boy I’ll tell you he is giving me a heck of a time with foods he will NOT eat , very very picky little bossy marshmallow . Lol , It would be greatly appreciated if you could do a video on this topic . ( how to feed raw ) thanks Again ! Keep these videos coming , the knowledge you provide is amazing !

  11. I feed blue buffalo senior, I currently have 4 dogs. Chiweenie I have had her for a yearish she is 9 she now has heart disease and Cushing's possible liver disease. I also have a pomeranian chi, heave him for maybe 4 yrs he is 2 yrs in heart disease now with kidney disease. Both were healthy when I adopted them. My chi is healthy and my boxer lab pit is also healthy. My vet has not discussed with me. Is this a specific type of heart disease that has a specific test?

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