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  1. Beautiful meal but I am so glad I am not part of one of those cultures that sit down and eat with their hands. I can't help it watching hands go into somebody's mouth and then go back to the food and then go back to their mouths………. I call that nope

  2. Steeping flowers in a bag "you can do this to prevent next door smelling it" I'm going to try thus next time I'm doing a bake some really useful tips here guts and the full terp profile too oh shit I'm going to the shop getting the biggest chocolate bar I can find and doing this

  3. What a wonderful guest lineup. Frenchy, was my introduction out of ignorance, in making and handling hash over 10 years ago. I believe I was introduced by "TGA Seeds" guy "Subcool". Super cool dude, reminds me of my uncle. This show "Bong Appetit" has really set off an explosion of show ideas, in my head.

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