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  1. I wouldn't waste money on these. They're a cool concept, but they're inconsistent in addition to needing a FULL bowl that can receive the coil. I would honestly stick with a lighter or find an alternative.

  2. Dude, when you use a BIC LIGHTER How the fuck would you Inhale Butane…. It's natural gas that is being com-busted into a Flame. The flame won't be leaking Gas it's all being ignited into a flame… are you stupid Josh?

  3. the little coil that heats up is actually really flexible, if you plan on using it for a bowl, what i did is pull the coil out a little bit to fit my bowl. it works a lot better for bowls than when its just the flat coil, so if you plan on picking one up and using it for a bowl, try this little hack. it works pretty great 🙂

  4. holy fuck the one is 70 bucks and the one he is using its like 30 fuck that just so someone would steal it I'm good with a bic there 3 bucks and if it gets jacked o well

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