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  1. Greetings from South Africa nice smash there and great return i would like to see how much kief you get from that same 3,5grm strain and then press it to see if the return and quality u get, what the difference is between the 2 in quality and quantity.

  2. would love for you guys to try some chottle tech style press in a video. And maybe consider selling chettel tech style long bags. I've been loving this new style. I get more even surface area and a better yield with the same quality pressing with chottle tech. Give it a shot

  3. I've noticed that no two extractions are the same and I like that mystery. Can you guys smash some CBD bud to show the difference in consistency. CBD is much harder to collect without ice packs and an aluminum collection plate.

  4. somebody tell me, Is there anything Better than SensiGrow/Bloom, Flora, (IdontfukwithFoxFarm) Bat Guano, i don't grow in soil often and im about a month in and need some Nutrient advice. I've only ever grown in Rockwool and ClayCorn.

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