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  1. I am on my 5th round & this is my current strain I'm growing atm. Very excited dude, but unfortunately it'll be months before I get a taste as there just babies! Cheers dude! Looks amazing!

  2. Forbidden fruit is my favorite. Wish I could keep my nose in the jar all day. Unfortunately it’s very rare in my parts. It’s the best so if you can, double up 👍🏼👍🏼

  3. I actually know somebody who grows this train and actually it can be anywhere from a really really dark purple almost brownish color to a really really bright or dark green color it's really crazy but he says what he finds out is most the time the male plants create the brighter greenish color and the female plants create the darker purplish color

  4. I was excited for this strain and got let down. It’s mostly purple and looks good but is really weak. I barely get high at all from smoking several grams and there isn’t any flavor to the hits except an earthy charcoal smoke taste. It’s another disappointing strain where I get more effect from regular cigarettes.

  5. It’s consistently the best smelling weed ever in my opinion. So fresh so tropical. Even the lower quality forbidden fruit tastes wonderful. If your club has top shelf forbidden fruit and you’re not buying it then you are doing yourself a disservice.

  6. I truly believe the granddaddy purple (GDP) line should be every bit as popular as the ridiculously overly-emphasized OG kush lines. It’s just a more potent more valuable indica. I wish ppl would stop fucking around with these glues and girl scout cookies! I mean I live Sunday driver I love Runtz I love the Gelato variants(not as much for taste
    As for effect-totally effect weed)but ppl need to put more energy in the GDP.
    If growers would fall back into the Northern lights #2 bubba kush(I believe the most valuable OG phenomena)and GDP lines and THEN take your favorite chosen specimen you would find that you have stumbled right onto a little something they call… paydirt. Pure paydirt. Blow yo the GDP line mix it with stuff because I have to say this high this passion fruit is giving me… is a lesser form(in a way because the smaller aspects of the effect of the stone are more violent and interesting in different areas-electrons are defiantly not arranged like-to except for what I’m about to say)is identical utterly signature and easy to recognize as this GDP from a different company. I thought they were both alien labs… but only the passion fruit is. The GDP is in fact Connected Cannabis CO. So the bud formation is four times tighter than the GDP and GDP is flat green compared to PF. This stuff resembles my GDP more than the passion fruit cut in smoking. I wish I could show you… it is absolutely purple. This variant exudes absolutely little other alkaloids or terps other than a clear and clean pure smell of norhing other than a 50% representation of actual passion fruit and this is going by the actual fruit that I used to eat as it grew across my block wall-the best most enormous terpene profile I’ve ev

  7. The bit you said about not being able to tell if its the true pheno or even veriety needs talking about. Time for some sort of way the seed industry can determin pheno as ive known 10 seeds sown and had 5 different phenos! How do you know which was the intended pheno? Vids like this help but re no way conclusive ! Nice vid.

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