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  1. Had my nugsmasher og for a week now, smashed some bc kush that was amazing and some other fresh shwag that was seeded, I got a nice oil from it that's good for the vape pen

  2. I love how after the first video when you smashed the abundant ,…… 12 hours later and you have alot more from their brand cuz it's just that good!!! I love my IQ guys hats off!!!

  3. Hi, this is great when you have your own grow and have so much to smoke ,you have to smash it ,to get something out of this machine cost. Its definitely an investment, for sure. Thx for the content.

  4. Ahh this is sweet, those are some really good batches, I like watching you all smash the weed 💪🏾😁💚🌿….lmao I would love to smash Ms, Maryjane 😂 right about now

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