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  1. My only question is…..why are so many people so upset they can't see the flower? This isn't a weed porn channel, it's a company channel for a product and how the product is used. Y'all act like you've never seen marijuana flower or the dispensary bags they come in before. 🤷🤦 if u want to know what a strain looks like, use leafly..depending on the grower and conditions, they are never 100% the same..it's sad to see so many people that care more about seeing the flower he is pressing vs what the product he is selling does.

  2. I've loved this channel for as long as I can remember. But since the blurring of the flower that's how you know they are ALL ABOUT THE MONEY coming from us watching their videos. If this were my channel I would care more about pleasing the people knowing you have a million dollar business. And youtube doesn't pay much, fuck monetization and show us the flower. I thought you were actual genuine people for a second.

  3. Bought the original nugsmasher 2 years ago.
    Smashed pounds of flower,and for the most part the machine has worked flawlessly.
    Just Like a stoner would,I left the press release open multiple times when in a hurry.
    Despite the fact there's a warranty,I decided to open the back,and refill the hydrologic fluid.
    That was a year ago,and the damn thing just keeps squishing.
    One day I'll buy another one,but for now it still works well enough to process a pound a month.
    The 5k$ price tag is kinda hard to swallow for personal use,but perhaps ill save my pennies.

  4. I honestly can't see this channel making enough off monetization to justify blurring out the bud. With as much as you charge for these units, I would think you could forgo the blurring and to hell with monetization. Unless sales are way down and you need the money.

  5. Blurs out the weed, but shows the packages clearly from out of state. Then goes ahead an implicates poor Scotty in a federal crime by stating publicly that he brought it in from California.

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