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  1. Hey Thomas just a quick question on your thca.do you plan to come out with any orange bud. I really prefer the gassy flavors and your flavors right now seem gelato based.just not a fan of “earthy” tasting bud

  2. Your THCa is right on par with the upper tier of the industry standard. It's fire, and one is guaranteed to get super faded on any of your THCa products. THCa carts would make you so much paper, and I love me some good carts.

  3. Serious but not asshole question. Isnt thca prevalent when the plant hasnt matured yet. I use to buy 10 packs and a couple would be premature with thca crystals but the high was half ass cuz it was cropped too early. Just wondering if thats what the thca packs are.

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