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  1. Thanks Vice for putting this together. Enjoyed every minute. Had no idea Muska blew up so hard after I left skateboarding in 2000. He already had a name back in the late 90’s but holy crap…what a damn good story. Much love and respect to CM!

  2. I remember seeing "welcome to hell" as a teenager and seeing all the skate spots in my city, that I skated only motivated me to skate that much harder. He is from my neighborhood in Phoenix AZ. We went to the same Cowtown skateboards. He was our benchmark, what gave us hope when our folks told us "nobody gets money from being a skater"…

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  4. No lie I love ur style …u rep for the high desert that’s koo ….but all this ramp use is starting to put me to sleep 😴 get back to the basics DIRT2DIRT 🤘🏽

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