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  1. jason dill looks like the last air bender now. this still isnt his final form though. photosynthesis is up there as one of my fav skate videos and i grew up in that era of skating.

  2. It's crazy cuz if you look at like Chad muska and Jason Dill they're so similar in so many ways in the way that they think… They just come from two totally different backgrounds

  3. It's great to see the younger generation keeping it real and also keeping the style of skate wear alive,as a 52yr old it's given me such a buzz to see what I used to wear in a modern day settings as today's fashion is dead poor in my opinion. Dill is such a cool and smart dude and the world could be a much better place if people had mind and business set. Thanks for the video,I really enjoyed it.

  4. I love in 🛹👽🌱photosynthesis when he is running in the park and throwing the javelin. I think 🍔 hamburgers are one of the greatest instruments of eating and I'm going to continue wanting to go on eating them.🤪

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