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  2. I've had Boss Og, here in LA cali and its soooooooo fiiirrreeee!! rolled a j and when lit and passing it, it went out and relighting it it caught fire because it was so oily! hella dank and great strain

  3. There are none. Ive tried all deliveries and dispensaries in SD and I make my own BHO. Ive worked in a shop and know what they use to make wax. You cant shine a turd. Good Material = Good Concentrates. They don't understand that. Shops think Bad Weed/Trim = Bad BHO = MONEY! Its sad but true. You wonder why SD shops got shut down, too many people abusing the system to make some cash.

  4. Where can you get this in SD? been trying to find good concentrates but its been disappointing so i've been forced to make my own. Let me know if you guys can help! Thanks

  5. Please someone help me I am in desperate need of a torch but have no clue where to get one :/ It isn't for heating a titanium nail, just a glass wand I bought the other day just for some alternative lighting methods. Can anybody help me out on what the best, most reliable CHEAPEST torch I could get would be? I aprreciate any info, STAY MEDICATED

  6. I don't understand why people don't understand that just because video's don't come out consistently, doesn't mean you're dead. This happened a while back too you guys had released videos like ever 2 days it seemed like and it died down. People who actually have brains understand that you guys can't always get together whenever you want to make videos. I'm pumped for ep 41 too man keep up the good work.

  7. I understand things change with time, But for the fans that have been following since you and dan, and with the mac dre intro it sucks to not beable to get to see more of that. I understand Everyone is apart of the team im just saying for the older fans we look forward to yours and dans videos. Every day there is a new concentrate review with you and toph on NTV, and ive been around since the bootcamp vid days and to not see chubbs as much either just takes away from it all. On a positive note

  8. I am still down with you guys no matter what, I look forward to seeing a new video every day and toke while watching. I am grateful for anything you guys put out, and i Hope every1 on the CCCs crew is doing well in their personal life

  9. Ugh I had that problem here in the states! Was buying dank off a new guy, and asked what it was. "golden bud" was the response. Obviously a nickname =/. It's good though, and I have a few guesses what's in its genetics, but I wish I knew for sure.

  10. I totally agree here in Australia, people have no idea about indica sativa, strains. Hell 95 percent of smokers here use a plastic gatorade bottle with a hose in it. when you buy it here, sometimes your dude will have two or three types of bud, but never "hey man this is some (insert plants name here). Its weed in a bag that all most people understand dont even ask about hash its not around no one makes it It sucks.

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