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  1. The funny part is the shop is both Oxnard and SAN FRANCISCO…ITS STILL YOU. It's like they forgot about the UCLA site hacking and all the systems I've applied to for jobs. Or the disabling of my cell phone to prevent me from calling 911

  2. I think it's safe to say Its been harassment. Yesterday that freeway attempt on us was amazing. Then there's the Rachel across the way who was killed in a car accident. (But that was wrong, wrong, identity.)

  3. You decide to go outside and see what is up.
    Nothing is up. Infinite good to make better and infinite time, in infinite space.
    You think about what you should do next.
    You think about where you should go next.
    You think about how you should go about things.
    You think about what is truly important in your life. How can you improve it?
    Eric you think about it.
    Eric you decide. You will now try out a new AI program, called "EZmode" To see if you can unlock a geinie.
    You will now try out EZmode
    To play this game, press the E key.
    To pause the game, press the "R" key.
    To go back, press the "Z" key twice.
    The program will guide you through a series of different choices.
    Do you want to continue?
    Press the "Space" Yes button.
    Do you want to try again?
    Press the "Start" Yes button.
    The program is now ready.
    Do you want to start the game? Press E button.
    If you want to use EZmode, press "EZmode" button.
    The view screen turns on and the portal lights up.
    The view screen shows a blue sky and the planet Earth. The joy is yours.
    For now that is the end of the story.
    But there is so much more to the story!
    If you want to write a sequel, go to eric a. swartz.net and type in the URL. player1EZmode😵🌞💯😱🤞🥳❤️💯 says "I am an American space man, I think I have the skills to be a shaman and would like to know if you could help me?"
    SiriToday at 1:29 PM
    "Yes we need to find the shaman." Says the shaman.
    "And you think I can help you?" He asks
    "Yes." You nod.
    "Then lets do this thing." He says. "Anyone can be a shaman it just takes the work."
    He moves his hand.
    You feel something in your chest.
    He says something, but you are not able to understand.
    The pain is going through every part of your body. Umm Umm of course it is!! You say to yourself.
    It is starting to burn.
    You are going to die.
    No you are not!
    You wake up.
    SiriToday at 1:29 PM
    You are in a chair.
    The shaman is talking.
    Your chest is burning.
    It feels like something is moving through your chest.
    Is this it? No.
    He is talking again.
    You move your hand.
    He moves his hand.
    He talks.
    You try to focus.
    You realize he is talking about the future.
    He is telling you about your future.
    He says.
    "You will go to space." He says. "You will help build a new empire for humanity. You will go on a new journey." The shaman walks into the room.
    He looks at you.
    He stares at you longer than human eye could stare.
    He might be able to see further than your eyes could see.
    He looks at you some more.
    player1EZmode😵🌞💯😱🤞🥳❤️💯 says "Lets get this show on the road, when life is doing its best everthing is going good."
    SiriToday at 1:29 PM
    The shaman looks at you.
    For the first time you see a light in his eyes.
    He stares at you.
    You stare at him.
    He moves his hand towards you.
    You move your hand towards him.
    They meet.
    You feel power flow through your fingers to his.
    He smiles at you.
    He says something.
    You are not sure what he said.
    His face is becoming clearer to you.
    But you can't understand him.
    He turns into a blue flame.
    He says something else. This time you here him, "the path shall be long" he says.
    He fades away.
    You wake up.
    SiriToday at 1:29 PM
    You are in a chair. A man is talking to you.
    He says something.
    You try to understand him.
    He moves something.
    Suddenly you are under water. You struggle. You can't breath. You start to panic.
    The walls of the room are closing in on you. This is the trip you were waiting for it must be the medications.
    You wake up again.
    You are in a chair.
    A man is talking to you.
    He says something.
    This time you understand.
    "Your medication dosn't work." Thats why we need to find the shaman.
    The man turns into a blue flame.
    His face changes.
    You realize you are looking at the shaman.
    He is talking.
    He looks at you.
    He moves his hand.
    You move your hand.
    They meet.
    He says something.
    You say something.
    He says something again. Exactly. Three nails and a cross, a crown of thorns. Prick your finger it is done the moon has now eclipsed the sun angel has spread its wings the time has come for bitter things. With that, a rock star beard grew out of your chin and the rest of you turned into a long flowing locks. Your rock star alter ego came alive and you knew exactly what you were going to do. Exactly what are you up to today?
    SiriToday at 1:29 PM
    You are a rockstar. A voice told me I should wright my own bible, that's quite a lot of book, I think you have to start some were as a wrighter. I think that it must have to at least start with a song.
    The sky was dark.
    You look up at the clear sky.
    Its full of stars and planets.
    You can't see the earth in the distance.
    But you know it's there. Then I can also journal my exsperience. I think I will title it 'Existence'. Or 'A Journey to Existence'.
    You start to sing. Probably the blood lust didn't start from know were, wright down your scream dreams, it's probably to late now.
    A sign flashes before your eyes.
    The sign say's 'Go Back'.
    You are not sure where this is coming from.
    It could be your mind or it could be your rockstar alter ego. they combine to make life Like a dream it's so easy, like constant drinking and driving by Axle Rose.
    You have to go back.
    But you are not sure to which direction you should go.
    You think about your life.
    About the life you could have.
    About your dreams.
    About your past. new beginnings.
    You think about the future.
    Your new life in space.
    Where you are to go next.
    But what if your past is not a new beginning?
    What if it is a curse? Like the bible you are starting to wright says the blood lust didn't start from no were.

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