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  1. i really love this vid god bless nona on the other end of things i think boiling the weed bag was a poor choice but loved the vibe of this whole video yall are awesome and now im feeling very inspired

  2. the daugther usesa plastic bag for the vac seal in boiling water… that cant be good. Plastic particulates in your food are very bad. Microplastics are said to weave themselves into human tissue….

  3. Despite you have great content it's so obvious you cheat subscribers by either just bying packs of subscribers or using bots to subscribe. How come a video on 4.78 million subs channel gets less then 100k views and 138 comments :DDD

  4. I love hanging out with old timers. They’re completely honest lol. They won’t say they like or dislike something to agree with you. They have the best stories and know how to tell them.

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