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  1. @DrewisSharing you need to try a ball vaporizer like the terp hammer makes all flower taste exactly the way It smells it tastes like wax and super terpy like a dog on the first few draws best way to consume I personally use ceroma ball vaporizer because its the cheapest one i could find at the time need to try item out

  2. 10% of advertised value bro not 10%. So 31 % thc has a margin of error 3.1% either way. 27% is actually outside the allowed discrepancy. As in its 1% weaker than it should be in the state of California. Cali laws are not the same as EU.

  3. Seed junky has great genetics. The sweet though is rather common aromatic, at least it had the gas to back up the punch. Sweet, sugary aromatic just tends to be a bit meh by itself.

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