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  1. Where the fvck is st Johnstone glesga 🤣🤣🤣.that's a fitba club fae Perth. At first I thought they were maybe in Johnstone,a couple a towns away Fae glesga but that's a bunch a wee teuchters.there no Fae anywhere near glesga. Whiteied strait away as well we dafties

  2. Member when i was a kid i went roon collecting ginger bottles rammys made ma money for ma sweeties so thanks to barrs irn bru fur the bottels 3p to 5p a bottle back in the day haha mental 70s think its 25p now deposit lol😂 irn bru strike cola cream soda not the same now ✊😉

  3. The lower the number pan the bottle the better the wine . Was drinking this stuff nearly 35 years ago .. we wer the buckfast tonic crusaders lol how stupid was that .

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