Getting Frosted Tips at a One Star Hair Salon | One Star Reviews

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On the new season of One Star Reviews, VICE’s Taji Ameen has temporarily relocated to Florida where (luckily for the series) …

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  1. Change your shirt man do a clothes make over next show it might help you out I'm not being mean I really like your shows just giving you advice. May be people won't think your a kid

  2. I've watched a few of your videos and your editing makes it out that there are tense moments when there probably isn't. I know it helps your videos get reviews and adds a bit of depth to them, however it might mislead people and hurt the businesses that you are investigating and maybe trying to help by seeing if their bad reviews are true. Don't create a false atmosphere for the benefit of your show.

  3. I really really dislike the frosted tips look. Madonna and George Michael did it on the eighties…WTF Literally only Taji looks good with this type of hair style

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