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  1. Anyone whose been in the graffiti subculture, compare this interview to one with a graff writer, this dude goes all floor, he picks out colors at home depot, cant maintain relationships yet has groupies, blurs his face and wears a bucket hat lmfao too good

  2. weirdly wholesome old guy wearing a carpet and beeing happy to get stepped on….casually also gets paid for the experience….and gets a little kink out of it….this sounds like the perfect story for a really entertaining anime…….edit: His secret goal is to find love and the only thing that can give away his incredible hiding skills is a nosebleed that would occassionally splurt from a carpet that gets stepped on 😀

  3. I was legitimately standing on this guy for about 10 minutes one night at a club in Brooklyn without knowing it. When I realized what the freaky hell was going on; It was startling, puzzling, unprecedented, but mostly skeeved me out.
    Call me old fashioned: But I say, just give a brother or sister a heads up before they're suddenly participating in your fetish.

  4. Vice, you guys r awesome. Thank you for showing us stories that we would never see. I’m always fascinated by the stories about people you find. Real life is truly stranger than fiction.

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