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  1. woooow i had no idea you uploaded this. i searched your channel cumause i needed something to watch while i roll up some joints to take to work and seen you uploaded this 2 days ago.

  2. Hey yola been a long time supporter not just a viewer got one problem the diamond dispos i been getting have been leaking out the pull hole was wondering if you are workin it fix that because this last one I had I swear it leaked most of the extract out before I could smoke it. Love ya g keep it up tho

  3. Been here since story time season 1 and could not be more impressed of how far everyone has come in your little circle of Push Trees, y'all keep hustling out everyday in your own respected fields and it just shows to your fans how much you truly care about how everything y'all creates leaves a funny but also inspiring moment anyone can relate to. You've inspired thousands to keep that light always shining positive with every video you've posted, myself included, even through the toughest times of your own life so truly there aren't enough grateful words written. Keep living out your stories and thanks for always letting us experience them:)

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