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  1. Illinois laws are much more liberal as far as concentrates lol…..I thought we were way behind but for medical marijuana we are much better than some

  2. Oh man, takes me back to the days when my cousins and I would be in the garage with bunk ass rosin and they would never let me take a hit until I was 16. Now they beg me to bring out the good good everytime we get together for a bbq XD

  3. great vids, I watch them all. You are the info man of cannabis but whats with the red lipstick? Is that like the extreme blood flow from token? Or, do you just wear lipstick? No hate here, just like, chill your makeup chick with the red smooches.

  4. Why does everyone seem to come to this guys chanel to hate on him and/or his beard? Am i the only one who comes here just to learn about strains. I mean dont get me wrong i love to watch ur videos josh just cause u make me smile, but whats with all the hate? I thought cannabis culture focused on peace and all around happiness, not picking on someone cause they are different then you are. Anyway thats .y rant for the night, Again love ur vids Josh. Keep smoking the holy herb. Peace out from Canada!

  5. I love how when u do your flavor review you stay looking at the rig when you think of how to describe it!!!!!! its awsome bro. keep up the good vibes

  6. keep posting man I learn more shit everytime I see ur channel man ur Da man brotha Stay Lifted love the strain stress and ptsd Is y I med so I'm lovin the strain man

  7. Yummy sounds like a tasty strain for sure! Have not been able to try it myself but def keep an eye out for it! So sorry about vanishing for the last month or so been recovering from back fusion surgery. Have no fear I am back now! lol

    Hope all has been great with yourself! Much luv my friend!

  8. Yea I think we will see much more drysift and fullmelt, especially in your area. Oh and rosin of course. Have you ever tried any grade A drysift pressed into rosin man? I havent in my state(nothing new here lol), but heard its very tasty! And yes your strain reviews are my favorite as well Josh. Peace man, take care.

  9. eat review like always , yea the whole reason was because of people blasting in the house well out here in cali  it's not legal here any more or soon to be thank goodness i know how to make it other ways cheers Josh

  10. Had an eighth of the ghost trainwreck haze last week. It smelled like a candy just like Snocap but it didn't taste the same as it smelled. It was close but more earthy than Snocap.

  11. Great review and channel, Josh. Pretty good to see how advanced USA is when it comes to marijuana (compared to my country, Brazil). Hope one day I'll be able to smoke some ganja that I know which strain is and where it came from. 90% of what goes around here is brick weed – however we do get a little bit high. 😉

    * You said in another video that you like some alt/indie bands, may I ask you if you like 90's alt from Seattle? a.k.a. Grunge (I don't like that word, but…)

  12. I love how you give a little bit of encouragement at the end of all your videos!! Reminds everyone that no matter how bad things can be, everything will be all right in the end! Good vibes your way bro!! Stay high & happy!

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