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  1. Shane, I've been looking for a new piece to add to my collection. I have a Micro circ – 8 arm and a full size circ to circ. I am going to get the Swiss Army Toro Ash Catcher, I was going to order the 7 13 mini shrub with slime tree percs and black accents. However, I am wondering if maybe you have a suggestion for a different scientific piece that I should have in my collection instead? (those are the only two sci tubes I have btw) doesnt have to be toro but preferably under a 1000.

  2. What's up with the dome being right in ur face? If u had a tall bowl u would set ur hair on fire with a lighter or wick… maybe not the best design I've ever seen… its like it Needs a bent neck to get the heat out ur eyes

  3. TDS and FMK have such a nice ring to them, and they're perfect complements to each other, like a Yin and Yang of nicknames. These nicknames have become an establishment. Don't drop them just b/c some hater doesn't like their origins.

  4. i've watched all your videos , "Shane and Dan" from the beginning, and you guys are tokedaddyslim and funkmastakush… fuck the haters, just dont go back to your real names, just becuz ppl think nicknames are immature! pce & love stay toking my friends!!!

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