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  1. I like Adeel , I read some comments on him saying brother a lot. Personally I thought her was being respectful. If you recorded the average person I'm sure there's things that will be repetitive after some point. Adeel is a cool dude who loves his job, s*** I'd love that job myself.

  2. Hey Adeel!I just noticed while watching the newest mothership video,and they have your "peacock exo"on the lathe!!!Im almost certain that that's yours!Unless they made more with the exact color pull?idk lol,thought you would like to know!

  3. they blow glass out here on the North shore of oahu, watching them for hours work the glass really makes me appreciate the perfection within these rigs.. wow! don't even get me started on the colors! beautiful! being a patient for some time back in norcal I like this whole channel not just the glass!! haha thanks for sharing
    -subscribed lol

  4. Just watched the video again and those ships are beautiful!The JC ball rig is Sick!And of course the "peacock" exo is Amazing!!!!I just got my first ship and i cant out her down!!Im still trying to figure the right temp though lol!Lastly,Wow on how much heat retention the new xl buckets have,i have to scoop one of those!!!Salud,hashplant dab😾💨💨😀😄😌😎👌

  5. Someone had to say It,but this guy has Elite Ships,and says the"official flavor savor"!haha!I'm sure he knows what it means though.lastly,i liked how he said it makes it like a "convection oven",it makes a lot of sense,more or less!lol

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