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  1. Yeww thank you boys!! Ordered a new peice of glass yesterday off The Pipe King. The code purplekush is still in full action! Thanks for the awesome content keep it up!

  2. Problem is boys , other countries and continents could give a shit. You could stop burning fossil fuels here, but you will never get the rest to stop. Love me a a good camp fire. Hahaha

  3. 1st of all love watching guys.. Just before humans volcanoes how much C02 did that emit Into the atmosphere 10000 times more greater than we can even do….. all animals admite C02 when they fart…. More animals more humans wore C02…. I believe what the issues gonna be as food for the population………🤔

  4. What up OG's , dope intro and outro, totally agree on the flushing out before harvest, i feel ya on the grape candy terps back in the day, tokin on the MAC flower and got some sensi star in tha bag. Cheers

  5. Look into Hegelian dialectics. It’s a shady and very sneaky way to lie and conquer and divide us all amongst each other. It requires facades and actors on all sides of any given discussion. People identify with the truth they recognize and tribally accost those on the other side of the spectrum trim

  6. Climate change is a political agenda to take over more freedoms. All the largest polluters get off Scott free and make the poor tax people pay for cleanups. It’s a scam. Dig deep enough and you’ll find the globe is a science scam as well

  7. Sorry for the multiple comments guys, but didn't both of you work in a pysch ward or at least a lock down hospital back in the day? I remember hearing that and thinking it was awesome because I did the same at the time. If you two did, then you have a better insight into mental health then most.

  8. 18:15 – So I have my masters degree in therapy and have been working with clients for almost 20 years. We don't really know why things are getting this bad (I mean there are many obvious reasons) but most of what you are seeing is behaviors/reactions caused by mental illness. One of the few positive things about this time is that stigma towards mental health is getting better slowly so more people are admitting to having issues. Men still need to step it up a bit, its not "weak" or "pussy" to get help… it is "weak" to not handle your shit though. Love the show guys. Also, you guys are growing up. Shane was on point with that one. But this world is extremely fucked up right now.

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