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  1. Now all see what happens when your entire fan base throws you out like garbage. I used to threaten to sue YouTube to keep my channel and videos up, but now I’m leaving because I do not let no one treat me this way in my life. I want to be happy and free again from online cruelty.

    To the few ones who did reach out to me and always stuck with me no matter what and even stuck up for me, that is a whole different type of love. I want to thank you for everything ❤️ and I want to wish even the ones who leave hate comments I wish us all good luck on our journeys in life. Not everyone can always agree with each other but as long as we can get along and still show love to each other that’s what’s really important.

    I no longer have the desire to put myself out there to the public, all people seem to do is compare you to everyone else instead of genuinely looking at your talents.

    I am a loving dog dad, who wants to care for and inspire others to be creative and successful. I know who I am, do you know who you are?

    – Nathaniel Hall

  2. Nate, dude… your acting like a little buttercup. Suck it up buttercup. Get your life together for crying out loud, your not in junior high anymore.

  3. Don’t depend on people for shit, the people watching this video are what made u a good living for a while, yet u shit on all of ur viewers constantly. Literally half of your vids in the past year are u complaining about shit.

  4. Nobody told you to make videos and streams. If you go parachuting you can have fun or die.

    Edit: Btw. this kind of behavior affects a lot of parts of your life. I can tell that if you get rejected you blame the girl, if nobody lisstens to your music, you blame the audience, if you have some struggles in your life you dont try to solve it but you go to straight self destruction because everybody is stupid instead of you. I know its hard to admit that you are the toxic and not your viewers, but dude, you are the toxic one. What youre doing is so childish, you dont try to change your bad habits but youre trying to say that nothing is wrong with you.

  5. “I’m not a rapper, I’m a mother fucking artist.” Bro.. your music is so bad it’s not even funny. If you know what’s good for you, you’ll get off the internet and never come back

  6. Nate we weren't mean to you because we didn't give you money, and it's hard to be loyal to someone when every 4 videos you threaten to leave YouTube if your video doent get enough views you say you don't do it for the money so why does it matter how many views you get we miss the old Nate that did weed challenges not the Nate that begs for views love you Nate but your the toxic one much love♥️

  7. Nate420 aka the most pathetic person on this platform. Wtf happened to you man? You used to be cool in like 2018 but you went waaaaayyy downhill bro. Get help, you need it. And maybe lay off the bud and social media for a bit.

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