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  1. Gorilla glue gives me an amazing body high for 20 to 30 minutes, then I get a throbbing headache, always have, not sure why. The literal headache isn't worth the buzz

  2. High from Vegas. Just got an 1/8th of GG4 delivered today, $30. Also Legend OG 1/8th, and a very potent dark chocolate bar. The GG is only 2 months off the tree, still kinda "ripe", needs another couple weeks of jar time.

  3. man would you believe that I've never tried gg4 . it's funny every time i go to get some , i end up buying something else . it's on my bucket list of cannabis to try . do you have a strain on your bucket list . i love it when i get to cross one off the list , but the list it's always growing . it never stops growing . what a great time we live in . well all but the covid 19 , we all could do without it .

  4. Meh anytime I grab gorilla glue the smoke is always harsh. I ran into a couple awesome hybrids gorilla cookies and strawberry glue both were awesome I wish gorilla glue was crossed more often.

  5. Damn haven't tried gorilla glue at all hope one day I will tho
    Plus these vids are the only thing keeping me sane and high asf when I smoke during ur vids

  6. Hey man, thanks for doing these videos.

    I'm new to the whole cannabis scene. I use it medically, and have been trying to educate myself on the different effects of each strain.

    I know I am over doing it, but I am making a spreadsheet of all Indicas, Sativas, Hybrids and their names, and respected strains and benefits. I've been watching each of your reviews and have been inputting your info onto my spreadsheet.

    Just the way you review each one, is not only informative but entertaining as well.

    Thanks again.

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