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  1. Accidentally cut your hand off after sticking your hand in the garbage disposal to recover the wedding ring your wife left behind because it’s the only thing you have left that reminds you of when you were happy? Don’t worry! Coconut oil!

  2. I used it on my rescue cat who had bald patches from a flea infestation. Excellent for skin healing, and topically, it kills fleas, ticks and parasites on contact. It's also gets rid of hairballs – mix some in with wet food.

  3. Dr J is soooo right we love Coconut Oil at out house..cats have it, like a treat..NO more hairball gagging👍Dakota Lab boy loves his toooo..NO more itchy-scratchy👍..'n mine goes in my coffee..yep, it's our mornin ritual 👍💚👍

  4. Good to know thank you ,I just have to say again my dog Daisy looks almost identical to Tula ,every time I see her I think of my dog looks just like her except Daisy is bigger like 60 lbs and both are so smart

  5. My dog is elderly. He has significant bad breath from dental decay. He has also been diagnosed with stage 2 kidney disease so I have him on low fat and low protein diet as per instructions. Unfortunately at this point in his life, it’s not recommended that he undergo dental surgery which would most likely help greatly with his bad breath. Is there an alternative to coconut oil that I could give him that isn’t high in fat? I already give him a few drops of CBD oil for his DDD but that doesn’t work for the breath. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

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