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  1. Can you do a video explaining how to express cat and dog anal glands and also of there is any remedies for a ruptured glad or hoe to prevent that from happening we always have to take my old dog in for it but would rather learn

  2. Hello doctor I really need your help it's my 3rd commenting this. My 1.2 years old cat has cataract in her both eyes and there is no surgery facility in my area. I have contacted with two vet online one of them recommended cineraria maritima without alcohol homeopathy medicine and other recommended me nevanac both are human medicines. Please tell me which one should I use or please recommend me some home remedies 🙏 there is a video in your channel cataract home remedies for dogs can I use those for my cat? Please reply 🙏

  3. My one kitty is on that every day. Poor guy was hospitalized overnight to get cleaned out. I think it's due to stress. He was a stray tom cat (now neutered and indoor/outdoor and he stresses about EVERYTHING! If you wash his face (for eye goobers) you can't catch him again for about 2 days….🙁

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