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  1. Craig Dawson if you're looking for new lights check out gml Grandmaster level his lights are awesome he came from hlg and now owns his own company tarantula LED is the name of the company they're awesome lights check them out

  2. I have been following you guys for a long time and I am so glad and happy for you guys to see that you guys are so happy and making it with a new house building a new grow and all the awesome content you guys offer keep up the awesome work

  3. Come on full doco on the build 👍
    I havent heard about new toys like TrolMaster or the like, quest dehumidifiers, CO² bottle bank or some sick new commercial level lights.

    J.A.R.V.I.S. sort of stuff bit of casual in house AI, with drones.
    Tesla android 🤤🤯👍

    Come on guys its a business expense to write off

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