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  1. An artist is never alone. He was a heroin addict that took it too far. Too bad because he'd one of the best post modern artists in history. Warhol was jealous because he himself never had an original idea, he stole his images from other artists. Basquiat's family, who never supported him is all to happy to collect the big money, if Basquiat had not become popular do you think they'd be paying to store his work? No.

  2. I watched the Andy Warhol diaries on Netflix and it's interesting to hear the two varying perspectives of Jean – Michel from Andy point of view and his sisters. I got a chance to see some of the artwork Jean- Michel did with Andy at the Brooklyn Museum exhibit recently. Very interesting to say the least, legendary really..

  3. A friend was staying in a shity apartment in the east village for a few months and a couple of years later a tenant scraped off the wallpaper and found loads of doddles by JMB. He was living there years before

  4. Thank you for this post as a Big Fam of Jean Michel Basquiat it was really good to see His sisters break down who he really was as a person and just an artist . I'm glad someone was able to change the narrative alot of wack ass critics had of this amazing talented young Brother who left us to soon He must have been laughing His ass off up in Heaven at all them haters when on of His paintings sold for a $110.5 Million back in 2017 .

  5. access for everyone my ass, you think people who know nothing about art will pay over $100 for a family of four to see Basquiat? Never heard about his relationship with his sisters until now lol. Funny how people believe anything nowadays.

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