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  1. yooooooo really late, fell asleep during the live but man those calls really hit didnt expect that much feels at 5am lol, have a blessed day fam!

  2. 2023 Michigan Cannabis Competition. End of July or August. Find sponsors for three prizes of sweet grow packages. It would only be finding a location that's cool with weed and large enough to host it for a few days. Charge people to enter the contest and charge for the ppl judging if not entering to make money for the person hosting it to get paid. We cud totally pull it off. See if other podcasters will advertise about it also on there shows. We cud make it big pretty easy I feel

  3. We need to get a Michigan cannabis contest going. That'd be so much fun. For all to join from anywhere to come hang out and camp out a few days and smoke a bunch of different kinds of weed and vote for your favorite the last day. But hold it in Michigan. That'd be so friggin cool. There always way too far away for me to go. I'd love to come and enter buds I grew and come hang out and meet yall. That'd be fun. I love way up in the u.p but I got lots of family in Lower MI also down around Monroe County area

  4. I'm going to be honest, the first video I watched of y'all's I didn't know what to think of the slow motion Heaven cuts… I was thinking of the 80s hairband videos of the girls in slow mo. But after watching a few more videos I couldn't help but fall in love with your energy and feel the Michigan connection. I've been growing a long time so I've heard about all the different ways to do things. I love the quality of your videos and that has inspired me to create my own videos and today I made my first edited video with music and transitions and stickers. Thanks for inspiring me to share my grow with others!!

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