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  1. Aperantly all the strain review videos amounts to people sitting there in AGONY caulfing , hahaha fucking loonatic newbs , learn how to blend it with prince mild sigs or something , it will make the hit 50 % or more easyer to inhale aka. 0 zero caulfing. , this is not how its supposed to be smoking , ur supposed to enjoy it with smooth smoke that dont fuck up your lungs etc . i feel sorry for all of u mental newb smokers out there , peace.

  2. Will you guys please stop being lame about the situation and tell us wtf happend to magweedo. we sub and come and watch your guys videos every day think we deserve a little bit of info about it.

  3. is that all you can think about when you see cylindrical objects? i dont judge tho so you go ahead and keep dreaming of schlongs…. i'll keep toking and NOT going out of my way to start shit

  4. Great video, and review. Not that it really matters but in the video description it says "We've all seen Chemdawg and Headband, but I don't think we've all seen the Headband." and i think you meant to say "… but I don't think we've all seen the Chemband."

    Cheers, happy smoking 😀

  5. Go back to any of their strain review videos… Now, tell me how often they mention the trim job? Almost never… The reason why? There is nothing to mention because the trim job matches up to their standards. If the trim wasn't too great and it was obviously done in a rush, that IS something to mention, especially when you're reviewing a strain.

  6. I fucking love you guys. Don't ever stop what your doing. Marijuana is the greatest plant on this earth, and I'm glad finally some people are not ashamed to talk about it.

  7. Yoo where is a good old CCC episode? you guys haven't put out a full episode in a while 🙁
    they r the best haha you always got multiple concentrates and flowers plus all your nicest pieces. I know you guys r busy but you should do 1

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