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  1. its dreaming bruh,you never seen a dog dream before? its funny you can tell sometimes they try to bark in their sleep, alot of the times they try to run in their sleep, thats why he was kinda twitching.

  2. @TheCCC420 ok true didn't think of that, its been a long time since I bought a piece from a shop, i just get it from the artist him/her self. And i realize i was being totally vague with my comment before…any TRUE concentrate smoker wraps/re-wraps there own ti. shit gets loose after years of use, if you or anyone doesn't know out to wrap there own i'll be happy to lead you in the right place, because this guy doesn't know WHAT he's talking about. UMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM

  3. nice piece dude, but why didn't you just get a slide made from him to match, i'm sure it would have been an extra 40$….and how lazy are you that you dont wrap your own curve, anybody who smokes concentrates wraps there own….(and with hmk ti)

  4. dude thats a pretty awesome bong. did you get it from the cave in san mateo? i live like 5min away from there and im on the lookout for a really nice bong at a decent price. do you have any suggestions?

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