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  1. Hey man you and (custom grow420) are the most awesome usefull stoners there are on YouTube big fan and happy to see how far you've grown on YouTube and just wanted to say thanks because I am a cannabis user but the reason is because I'm 15 and just started smoking a couple years ago you've really helped me experience medical cannabis to the fullest thank you and have a great day.

  2. i bought the bares essentials box for 99 cents lol plus s+h and im 16 havent got it yet but it says its comes with king size raw papers and clipper lighter and something else cant wait

  3. Merry Christmas strain central from Australia!:)
    Hope you had a wonderful day and have an even better new year! Thanks for all your information I've really learnt allot from your channel

  4. Hey Josh. Could you do a video on the effects of Tar on lungs? Maybe include some general knowledge too? I understand the basics, but it'd be nice to know more 🙂 (Maybe include tips like hot water removing tar when smoking and etc.) Thanks!

  5. Josh, you should really make a ''vlog'' channel and just film the stuff you do when you're out maybe smoking weed with friends or just being with family would be fun and intresting to watch!! Stay Medicated bro!

  6. Do a video video about smoking pot of a bong with different liquids. I don't really know what you would talk about, like is it healthier with different liquids or do you get less high. I think that would be really interesting.

  7. @StrainCentral Hey Josh, i was wondering if you had a video explaining why you use Medical Cannabis? If you do, could you tell me the name of the video? I would love to see it! And if you dont have one, you should totally make one 😀

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