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  1. Hi Dr. My mom rescue a dog back in 2015 and she had kennel cough, the vet treated her with antibiotics and cough pills….but unfortunately she has this consistent cough at night, he said that her cough is a cronic cough. Is there something that I can give her instead of Temaril and cough pills that don't work for her?

  2. So I bought a pound of organic hawthorn berry powder. The dosage for humans says 1000 mg which is 1/4 teaspoon. I have a 24 pound elderly bichon diagnosed with heart murmur. Don’t know the exact dosage for Boo Boo.

  3. I want to go holistic way because I don't want my dog to have the side affects of Enalapril and Pimobendan, I really don't want to give my 9 year old these medications my Veterinarian prescribed

  4. My 12 year old lab is in her final stage of heart disease and I gave her Hawthorne and dandelion root and it took all the coughing away but now nothing is going to be able to help waiting for the moment then I'll have the vet come to bethe house thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving us another almost year with our beloved penny Lane

  5. Hello Doctor! Thanks for the video..please, can you tell me if this can substitute fluid citology on my cat? Took her to the ER and it's quite expensive so I brought her home only with furosemide since they didn't not give me any hope with citology

  6. If you have hawthorn berry bush can't you just feed the berry to them? And if so how much? Or maybe that's the problem… wouldn't know the correct amount to feed them? Is it possible to give too much of the berries if they do enjoy eating it? If not I really wish you would give a brand to buy from the health store since there are so many that are not what they are supposed to be.. Or what brand of tea and which you think would be better, tea vs tincture?
    I know you said to try the tea first because of taste but I really would like to know which would work best? I just feel like the actual berry would be the most effective and we'll try to find it in Ohio if that's possible…?

  7. My dog was recently diagnosed with heart condition and she takes a diuretic one of the side effects is that she keeps peeing all over the place. Should I stop giving her the medication and substitute with the tea? Would that help with peeing accidents?

  8. This stuff is nothing short of magical. My Doberman pincher is 12 years young. He started experiencing SCM cough at 9 years old. I had lost 2 Dober babies to DCM at exactly that age. One we caught early enough to get onto Digoxin— the pharmaceutical pill they gave for her DCM. It kept her with us for another year. But the side effects were not pleasant. She wasn’t a happy camper on it.

    With this pup, I decided to do research. Your video and other research lead me to Hawthorn. Thank you for posting this.

    Dexter has been on daily Hawthorn for 3 years. I give him the capsules in some salami. Roighly 1800 mg/day for 80 lb dog.

    Amazon ran out and we didn’t give the same brand for 2-3 weeks and his cough is back. I finally got the organic brand again and he seems to be improving. Please send him some love and well wishes. Fingers crossed.

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