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  1. U as an Doctor know how young innocent children are trapped by group of ignorance encouraging them to deny biology , you know that most of them go through horrific experience cutting off parts of their boy or organs and yet you supporting them….No I'm not falling for your free advice anymore

  2. Love your minivids. We grow nettle. The trichomes contain formic acid, like ant stings. When dried or boiled it is innocuous. And wait wait! There's more! It is a super cordage plant. Comparable to linen from flax. You can understand why linen became popular 😂😮ouch.😉

  3. Thank you for keeping us informed. That said, I don’t appreciate using your dog to promote divisive politico-cultural agendas of so called “tolerance”. I have unsubscribed.

  4. What can I give my dog that has a runny snotty nose….I took him to the vet he had bronchitis and was on meds but it came back. So what can I give him over-the-counter that has the same thing that the vet will give me that would work?

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