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  1. Thank you so much , was making some Christmas cookies for them and was trying to find out if it is safe to put a little pinch of cinnamon and ginger in but I won't take that chance now . I make up home made toothpaste to clean their teeth with organic raw virgin coconut oil , D.E and a little ginger powder that I found on a youtube channel but I'm a little wary now . Appreciate you sharing as I trust you have our family members best interest at heart <3

  2. But what about using herbs in conjunction with vet pills. I've a dog on vetmedin but vet says herbs are make believe and could stop vet pills working. Can I use Hawthorn dandelion in conjunction with pills?

  3. How about herbs applied to homemade dog food? I would like to try parsley. I also want to add a little bit more extra flavor to the food. I put lean ground beef, brown rice, and green beans. My dog will eat it but she doesn't go crazy about it. I tried it and it's really good. If I were to eat this she would sit and beg for it as she does with all dinner foods I make for my family.

  4. can you Please make a video, talking about hawthorn berry tinctures/pills for dogs with congestive heart failure. I heard it was good but I really wanted your opinion on it. Thanks 😊😊

  5. I've used 10ppm colloidal silver for eye infections and skin infections on my dogs with great success. I've used it myself for years from clearing ear infections to tonsillitis in a matter of days. I hear it's good for general everyday immune support in humans. I didn't find much info on it for dogs but was casually told by a friend who was in vet school a few years back but later dropped out, that it was fine for dogs. Do you have any experience with it?

  6. I used to let my Aussie, Liberty, free in my mother's backyard. With all the flowers and shrubs she had in her yard, Liberty would go straight to the echinacea flowers and eat the leaves off the plant. It was like she knew it was a beneficial herb. She never bothered with any other flowers or shrubs, only the echinacea.

  7. Wonderful presentation. Thank you so much, Dr Jones. Love to see more specifics on supplements, oils, and natural remedies. I'm altering my supplement supply right now. Is there an alternate to wormwood for plaque removal from the arteries (and teeth)? It helped to save my dog from heart disease, using 2 weeks on, month off, 2 on, mo off, … for half a year, but the side effects look really dangerous.

  8. Thank you for the for this video keeping us informed of the pros and cons of using herbs on dogs it is so necessary to be prudent in administering anything to our precious dogs 👍👍👍

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