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  1. Oh How I wished They had those cannabis show's in My Australia as well But Unfortunately cannabis is STILL Banned Here Yes it is So Incredibly Sad Crew Oh yeah High Time's magazine started in 1974 and that Grandma Boy was released on 2006 Dude!😉☮️

  2. Video production person here. There is no need for 3 cameras. It's distracting when talent it looking all over the place. I'm stoned too, and I can't follow what is happening because the 3 cameras on the table interview make me wanna punch myself in the penis. Hire me as your director, and I'll fix this.

  3. Blessed🙏. I literally was searching for the current best dabs and such in Colorado, Boulder specifically. This was amazingly timley! Guess a trip to High Level Health is in the cards! 🤗

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