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  1. Are you serious? Soil-less is just that. The roots are in a soil-less medium. Hydro means that the roots are in water and aeroponics means the roots are in air. If you get all of your info from HT then I am guessing you have not had to many successful grows.

  2. Are you serious? Peat/coco/hydroton/perlite, all soiless, all hydro.

    Theres no way YOU can tell if any nutrition has been added to the soiless mix before planting but I'd guess the cultivation editor of one of the biggest and longest lived cannabis based magazines in the world WHO'S STANDING IN THE FUCKNG ROOM might know.

  3. I know I can rest easy tonight knowing there's people out there who care this much about the quality of their product. Ease up U.S. gov't. Ease up naysayers who blindly prohibit a relatively harmless plant.

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