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  1. Need to decriminalise it. Ordinary people who choose to avoid liver failure and DTs are forced to put up with clowns and scumbags, often getting the runaround, ripped off or just simply coming into contact with utter scum. All based on old hemp laws and cynical taxation anyway.
    Absolutely FUCK ALL to do with " drugs are across the board dangerous ".  Duh wtf is alcohol?

  2. I had a kid yank 2 ounces from me, He got away but karma did the job and literally kid overdosed on Coke and PCP a week later. Needless to say i left a bill on his headstone. 😀 too rough?

  3. My best friends bro actually grows and actually won best strain at the cup so… Im gonna stick with him, Who the fuck gives 23 Bucks? Is the shit 11.5 a gram?

  4. damn and i thought my old dealer was sketchy lol ive never had somone ask for those weird prices my new guy is the best though he doesn't deliver like my old people but he lives close by and everytime i buy bud he smokes me out with his bud and he also hooks it up chunky it feels like pineapple express everytime i walk in his house

  5. i hate that we about to smoke shit niggas always us to pull that shit back in the middles school days, it was either them or a douchbag friend, im playing for a 20 i want a 20 just for me. lol

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