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  1. I have been dabbing for years, but never tried Hash Rosin which i personally prefer shatter, crumble, or wax. I can hit this just as much as any other dab, i just can't stand the taste (Scottt's OG) 🔥 contains 738MG THC and 1.6MG CBD oh mine is also Live Rosin

  2. So this may sound a little weird but… I dont smoke or vape or consume in any form at all!!! I use to smoke ALOT. I stopped smoking because the "high" started making me feel very uncomfortable, I could even say that I would get paranoid!! Not about anything in particular just a very uneasy feeling and if I did have anything "heavy" on my mind it would consume the entire "high" so I stopped. That being said I still love everything about weed, the look,the feel the smell…oh the smell. I came across your channel by chance and I really enjoy your "reviews" and I love the water pipe set up!! Keep it up keep making these good quality reviews!!!!

  3. I've never seen anyone but him have "Live Rosin" not on google not on youtube no where, how is it made? Its pretty easy to guess but all im imaginining is pressing some sort of frozen weed or oil but obviosuly making rosin with someonething frozen makes no sense.

  4. Fucking gosh dog.. I sware Chase, not only do you get hands down some of the best oil on youtube, but your music selections are to kill for man.
    Thank you for these amazing videos over all. Always something to look forward too every week.

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